Online 07/2020

Online 07/2020

The Farm to Fork strategy for Sustainable food is one of the components of the European Green Deal. Is the ambition to align the many different policies and actions related to food at EU level, from production, to consumption and waste, passing through transport and retail.

In networks such as EUROCITIES and through the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, cities showcase their ambitions and are working together to increase the success of their actions on many of the areas related to food system. This includes education on healthy food, support for sustainable food production, food losses prevention and successful governance, working across departments and in cooperation with citizens.

The European Green Deal is an excellent opportunity to ensure that all EU policies, including the Common Agriculture Policy, work in the direction of food sustainability and fully recognise the contribution of cities. To this end, the Farm to Fork strategy can take inspiration from the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP).

The first 2020 WG Food meeting was held online in July 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic, providing an occasion to meet among member cities after the cancelled meeting in Almere formerly scheduled in March 2020. The city of Milan, as WG Food Chair, made an introduction to update long-standing members and newcomers that joined thanks to the online setting of the meeting.

The meeting saw the participation of Anne-Laure Gassin, Team Leader at the DG SANTE for the presentation to the cities of the Farm to Fork strategy developed under the wider framework of the EU Green Deal. Cities had the chance to interact on the sceneries opened by the strategy, presenting afterwards more updates from the developments of their local actions and exchanging opinions.