The MUFPP Secretariat was established within the Mayor’s Office – International Relations Department – of the City of Milan as permanent contact point for all signatory cities, partners and stakeholders.


The Secretariat is responsible for: engaging new signatory cities; developing partnerships with relevant stakeholders and institutions; engaging in international food-related policy and advocacy processes; supporting elections and work of the MUFPP Steering Committee; supporting the organisation of Global and Regional Fora in collaboration with hosting cities; organizing the Milan Pact Awards.

Steering Committee

The MUFPP governance is ensured by a Steering Committee, elected by the assembly of signatory cities every two years, representing different geographic areas. It provides strategic oversight to ensure the MUFPP mission and mandate are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of its members.


the MUFPP Chair and permanent Steering Committee member.

Tel Aviv-Yafo

the Steering Committee Coordinator, elected by the Steering Committee members.



To reinforce the MUFPP internal governance a set of principles was approved by the Steering Committee. Please find below its consolidated version.