Onboarding ceremony of 11 Indian cities in the MUFPP

Thursday, 28th April 2022 the MUFPP Secretariat welcomed the EatSmart Cities Challenge winning cities as new signatories of the Milan Pact.

The online ceremony featured an opening statement by Anna Scavuzzo, Vice Mayor of Milan, followed by remarks from Shri Rahul Kapoor Director of the Smart City Mission and Inoshi Sharma, Executive Director of FSSAI.

The ceremony continued with remarks from the 11 winning cities and signing of the Pact. Closing off the ceremony with a quick but in-depth presentation on this year’s edition of the Milan Pact Awards.

Launched in April 2021, the EatSmart Cities Challenge is an initiative that aims to motivate smart cities to develop a plan that supports a healthy, safe and sustainable food environment supported by institutional, physical, social, and economic infrastructure along with the application of ‘smart’ solutions to combat food related issues.

The 11 winning cities – that include Chandigarh, Indore, Jabalpur, Jammu, Panaji, Rajkot, Rourkela, Sagar, Surat, Tumakuru, Ujjain – officially signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and will now take part in the network’s initiatives.

The partnership among the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and the Smart Cities Mission and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has been possibile thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Food Foundation.

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