New SC elections - submit your candidacy!

With the end of the mandate of the current Steering Committee, on 3 July 2023 the MUFPP Secretariat launched the Call for candidacies for the 4th MUFPP Steering Committee 2023-2025.

The MUFPP Secretariat would like to thank the Steering Committee members (Antananarivo, Bandung, Barcelona, Belo Horizonte, Birmingham, Kazan, Mérida, Milan, New Haven, Ouagadougou, Rosario, Seoul, Tel Aviv) for their participation and engagement during the third mandate 2021-23.

The next Steering Committee 2023-2025 shall serve for a two-year term from the moment of its election. It is supported by the MUFPP Secretariat, based in Milan. It provides strategic oversight to ensure the MUFPP mission and mandate are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of its members.

The Steering Committee shall be composed of 13 members, representing each MUFPP geographic area, as far as candidacies allow it, thus subdivided in:

  • Africa: 2 cities
  • Asia Pacific: 2 cities
  • Europe: 2 cities + the city of Milan (as Chair of the MUFPP and permanent SC member, the city of Milan shall not vote unless a tie break vote is necessary).
  • Eurasia & South West Asia: 2 cities
  • North & Central America: 2 cities
  • South America: 2 cities

The Steering Committee members have the duty of representing the MUFPP signatory cities in their respective regions.

It has mainly the following duties:

  • decide on MUFPP internal rules;
  • approve and periodically review the MUFPP work programme;
  • provide advice and assistance to the Secretariat relating to the implementation of the work program and other related activities undertaken by the MUFPP;
  • develop, review and approve criteria for the selection of the Global Forum host city;
  • decide on the selection of the Global Forum host city and collaborate with the Secretariat to support the Global Forum host city in developing the main themes of the Forum.
  • Encourage cities to submit their candidacies to the Milan Pact Awards.

The Steering Committee shall hold regular meetings, preferably 3 times per year (online) and 1 annual in-person meeting (if possible), coinciding with the MUFPP Global Forum.

Is your city interested in becoming one of the next Steering Committee members?

Submit your candidacy within the 31st of July 2023 by responding to the email sent to all signatory cities on 3rd July, showing your interest in being part of the next MUFPP Steering Committee. 

In submitting the candidatures, we suggest to send a short video (2-3 minutes) and/or a brief presentation of your candidature (e.g. showing your food policy city activities, your vision and goals for your region). The materials will be shared with the cities in your region during the voting procedure. There are no financial obligations for cities which are elected members of the Steering Committee.

Once all the candidacies will be collected , the MUFPP Secretariat will send the list of them to all signatory cities to cast their votes in early September. 

We kindly remind you that:

  • The Steering Committee is elected by MUFPP signatory cities;
  • Each city will vote only for candidate cities belonging to its own geographic area;
  • Each city can cast up to 2 votes (only one vote in the same country).

For any questions or doubts, we suggest to contact the MUFPP Secretariat at

We encourage all MUFPP signatory cities to send their applications!

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