Milan Pact Awards 2022

The 6th edition of the Milan Pact Awards, a joint initiative promoted by the City of Milan and Fondazione Cariplo, was a great success in terms of participation. With 251 practices coming from 133 cities was the most participated edition ever.

Since its launch, the Milan Pact Awards have now gathered a total of 621 practices from MUFPP signatory cities, showcasing the most creative efforts and monitoring the improvements since they joined the Pact.

This year we collected 36 practices from Africa, 18 from Asia Pacific, 31 from Eurasia & South West Asia, 91 from Europe, 38 from North & Central America and 37 from South America.

The international Evaluation Committee of experts assessed the practices and awarded 6 cities with the highest score in each category of the Milan Pact: Governance, Sustainable Diets & Nutrition, Social & Economic Equity, Food Production, Food Supply & Distribution and Food Waste. 

The winners of Milan Pact Awards 2022 have been:

  • Governance: NEW YORK (US) – A New York City Framework for Good Food Purchasing
  • Sustainable Diets & Nutrition: ADDIS ABABA (Ethiopia) – Addis Ababa school feeding program
  • Social & Economic EquityROURKELA (India) – E-Cool Mandi
  • Food ProductionROSARIO (Argentina) – Agro-ecological food production in Rosario
  • Food Supply & Distribution: YEOSU (South Korea) – Strategy for securing our talents and small farms
  • Food Waste: LONDON (UK) – London’s food waste reduction programme

Considering the impressive number of submissions received this year and  the high quality of such contributions, the Evaluation Committee decided to recognize 3 additional Special Mentions for each category. They are:

  • Governance: Araraquara (Brazil), Mouans-Sartoux (France), Vancouver (Canada)
  • Sustainable Diets & Nutrition: Copenhagen (Denmark), Paris (France), Torres Vedras (Portugal)
  • Social & Economic Equity: Los Angeles (US), Melbourne (Australia), Wroclaw (Poland)
  • Food Production: Bandung (Indonesia), Curitiba (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Food Supply & Distribution: Baltimore (US), Barcelona (Spain), Lyon (France)
  • Food Waste: Cincinnati (US), Guelph (Canada), Quelimane (Mozambique)

The 6 winning cities will participate in the MPA Retreat, a three-day fully covered mission in Milan during 2023. The MPA Retreat will be the trigger for the development of the MUFPP Fellowship Programme.



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