Almere 2022 - 11th MUFPP Regional Forum in Europe

Eurocities and MUFPP European cities will be meeting on 22-24 June in Almere, The Netherlands, alongside the Floriade Expo 2022. Cities will have the opportunity to attend the Expo free of charge and discuss new and old challenges to transform the urban food system. Discover more at

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The meeting will focus on crosscutting issues like:
Multilevel governance collaboration
From the EU Farm to Fork to national food strategies, how are national and EU governments including cities when developing food policies?
Food Environment
How to shape the surrounding of European citizens with food that is healthy and affordable? How to collaborate with the private sector?
Food identity & Social inclusion
From food as a cultural tool to food aid solutions and citizens engagement, how to reach out to all citizens for ambitious food policies?
Local & Regional Food
From food resilience to local food supply chains, how to engage producers, achieve healthy urban soils for local food production and improve biodiversity?
Food for a Healthy Planet
From sustainable catering to no plastic packaging and food waste reduction, how to achieve circular economy solutions for food?

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