Milan Pact Awards

One of the most important goals of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), is to stimulate the exchange of practices and learning between signatory cities. To foster this collaboration since 2016 the City of Milan and the Cariplo Foundation launched the Milan Pact Awards (MPA) with the aim of recognizing the most creative efforts and monitoring which cities were implementing the commitments they had made when they joined the pact. The awards are a means of encouraging action, facilitating the emergence of the best practices of the MUFPP cities, making them evident to the community with a function of inspiring the action of other signatory cities.

The City of Milan and the Cariplo Foundation are proud to announce the “Milan Pact Talks”, a special edition of the Milan Pact Awards. The purpose of the Milan Pact Awards is to recognize innovation and stimulate good practices exchange among MUFPP signatory cities, towards more sustainable food systems.
The results of the 2019 edition demonstrate how MUFPP cities have shown growing enthusiasm for participation and increasing activism towards food policies. This important achievement also shows the ever-increasing importance of food policies on the mayoral agenda.
On 4 September eight cities have been awarded with two monetary prizes and six special mentions during the Milan Pact Awards ceremony. With the monetary prize was awarded to the city of Ghent, (Belgium) for the good practice “Foodsavers Ghent”. The city created a program to scale up food wast recovery after two years of participatory planning.
On 20 October 2017 during the 3rd MUFPP Annual Gathering in Valencia, the 2017 edition of the Milan Pact Awards was assigned to the city of Toronto (Canada) for the good practice “Community Food Works for Newcomers: Using food as tool for settlement and integration”.
On the 14 October 2016 during the MUFPP Second Mayors’ summit the Milan Pact Award has been conferred. The two monetary prizes have been assigned to Baltimore (US) and Mexico City (Mexico).