Results of the election of the 3rd MUFPP Steering Committee

In the past weeks the MUFPP Secretariat has run the elections of the 3rd MUFPP Steering Committee (SC), the governing body of the Pact that will serve for a two-year term from the moment of its election.

The SC is in charge of leading the MUFPP to achieve its mission of transforming urban food systems by providing strategic oversight to ensure the MUFPP mission and mandate are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of its members.

In particular, the SC decides on MUFPP internal rules, approves and periodically reviews the MUFPP work programme, provides advice and assistance to the Steering Committee Coordinator and the Secretariat relating to the implementation of the work programme and other related activities undertaken by the MUFPP, develops, reviews and approves criteria for the selection of the Global Forum host city, decides on the selection of the Global Forum host city and collaborates with the Secretariat to support the Global and Regional Fora host city in developing the main themes of the Fora.

Moreover, the SC support signatory cities in their region by spurring their participation to MUFPP activities and events, encouraging them to share practices through the Milan Pact Awards, engaging them in city to city cooperation initiatives, advocating at regional and international level about cities’ role in food system transformation, organizing webinars and events to facilitate knowledge sharing so to enrich the MUFPP community.

The Steering Committee is composed of 13 members, representing each MUFPP geographic area.

With over 20 candidatures received and over 50% of voting signatory cities, it has been the most participated election. We thank heartfeltly all candidates and former SC members for their commitment and support.

We are happy to announce the newly elected Steering Committee members for 2021 – 2023:

  • Africa: Antananarivo (Madagascar) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso);
  • Asia-Pacific: Bandung (Indonesia) and Seoul (South Korea);
  • Europe: Barcelona (Spain), Birmingham (United Kingdom) and Milan as Chair (Italy);
  • Eurasia and South-West Asia: Kazan (Russian Federation) and Tel Aviv (Israel);
  • North and Central America: Mérida (Mexico) and New Haven (United States);
  • South America: Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Rosario (Argentina).

On 14 April 2021 the newly elected Steering Committee virtually met for its first meeting.

We look forward continuing our joint work in making our community stronger and contributing to shape a new, global role of cities, which today stand out as front-runners for sustainable development through the localization of the SDGs.

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan and Chair of the MUFPP Steering Committee, announced the new SC members.

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