Advancing Urban Food Policies: the Milan Pact Awards Retreat and the launch of the MUFPP Fellowship Programme

On the last day of the Milan Pact Awards Retreat (13-16 June 2023), the Municipality of Milan, as the chair of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), launched the MUFPP Fellowship Programme: a tool to replicate the best urban practices submitted to the Milan Pact Awards 2022, promoting sustainable food policies and paving the way towards sustainable, inclusive, and future-proof food systems.

About the Fellowship Programme

The MUFPP Fellowship Programme will feature a wide range of knowledge sharing, capacity building and networking activities, e.g. field visits, webinars, workshops, online and in-person training, city exchanges and study visits, participation in research and mapping activities, publications, networking opportunities, joint event organization, and national dialogues on food policies.

The aim of the initiative is to enable the Milan Pact Awards winning cities to become promoters of innovation and knowledge. On the other hand, it offers the MUFPP community the opportunity to learn from ongoing successful experiences, structured and established methodologies, so that they can develop similar approaches in their local contexts.

The Fellowship Programme represents a great innovation for the MUFPP and the MPA Retreat kicked off its first edition.

About the Milan Pact Award Retreat

The 4-day Retreat featured: 

  • An in-depth presentation of the 6 winning practices, namely:
  • Field visits to different key locations of Milan Food System, including visit to infrastructures, meetings with stakeholders and discussion on the most innovative Milan Food Policy actions.


  • An in-depth workshop based on the experimental methodologies developed by the Horizon 2020 project Food Trails to discuss models and strategies for the transferability of the winning practices. The workshop included the use of the “Food Policy Action Canvas” to identify priorities and goals of the activities to be be replicated in MUFPP network; the “Stakeholders Ecosystem Map” to assess the role of each engaged actor; and the “Investor Service Model” to analyze food policy investments in the winning cities.


  • A live broadcasted global webinar, which concluded the Retreat, aimed to showcase how the winning practices would be replicated within the MUFPP community. It also featured the launch of the “Milan Pact Awards 2022 Report” which collects all the practices of cities participating in the latest edition of the Awards, along with a critical analysis of the trends, priorities, and challenges that cities are facing in adopting food policies, based on the recommended actions of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.
    The report was produced with the support of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), while Fondazione Cariplo is the main partner of the Milan Pact Awards initiative. Finally, the Webinar launched a roadmap for the upcoming activities of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.
Thanks to the extraordinary work of the Milan Pact Awards Evaluation Committee, that I want to thank once again, we were able to evaluate all the good practices implemented in the cities, relying on the experience of many international experts. This report is also the result of a strengthened collaboration with AICS, that lately thanks to an agreement has been actively collaborating with MUFPP in the promotion of innovative food policies in different areas of the world. Thanks to the newly launched Fellowship Programme we will significantly contribute to spreading knowledge on the topic of sustainable food systems, allowing the sharing of concrete experiences that can inspire mayors and cities that wish to initiate or strengthen their own food policies.
Anna Scavuzzo
Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Milan, in charge offor the Food Policy.
"Since 2022, our partnership with the Municipality of Milan within the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact has allowed us to strengthen the process of localizing transformative actions such as food policies, which have a wide-ranging impact. The process of collecting and sharing best practices through the Milan Pact Awards highlight the best of both the international and local dimensions. The awarded cities present concrete and effective projects that promote well-being, health, and sustainability. These innovative solutions are available, particularly for those cities eager to develop innovative food policies. Participating in the evaluation process of Milan Pact Awards has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the actions undertaken by MUFPP signatory cities and allows us to track the ongoing progress."
Luca Maestripieri
Director of AICS Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
"An important phase for all cities committed to the transition towards more sustainable food systems has concluded. Through the launch of the Fellowship Programme, we are pleased to open a new chapter, together with the Municipality of Milan. This initiative represents another step forward in building a fair, inclusive, and sustainable transition for people and the planet. As always, and in this case too, research and the sharing of knowledge are the basis of our reflection"
Carlo Mango
Director of the Scientific Research and Technology Transfer area at Fondazione Cariplo.

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