Tel Aviv is the new coordinator of the MUFPP Steering Committee

The elections for the 2019-2021 Steering Committee (SC) have been held in early 2019. 12 cities have been selected around the world:
Abidjan, Dakar and Nairobi in Africa; Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and San Antonio de Areco in Latin America; New Haven and Toronto in North America; Tel Aviv in South and West Asia; Seoul in East Asia and Oceania; Almere and Valencia in Europe. Milan is a permanent member of the Steering Committee as the Chair of the MUFPP.
During the first meeting Tel Aviv was elected unanimously to be the Coordinator of the Steering Committee. The Coordinator represents the Steering Committee, collaborates with the Secretariat and develops the SC working program.
The Steering Committee is the representation of the MUFPP city-members at global level, providing strategic oversight to ensure the MUFPP mission and mandate are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of its members.

photo credit: Or Kaplan

The Steering Committee guided by Tel Aviv will contribute to the strengthening of the MUFPP, in particular regarding its most important events in 2019: the Regional Forums in Rio de Janeiro (May 29-31) and in Niamey (June 11-13), and the Annual Gathering in Montpellier (October 7-9).

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