Milan Pact Talks on food aid

The COVID-19 emergency has shown that once again cities are at the front line to ensure assistance to their citizens in many fields. In particular, cities had to face not only a public health crisis but also a food security crisis as urban food systems have been severely hit by this external shock. 

The situation created by the spreading of the Coronavirus and the measures set up for its containment required setting up specific actions regarding access to food and food delivery, particularly for vulnerable groups.

Different approaches and measures for new food aid systems have been put in place by the food policy teams of many Milan Pact cities. 

In this Milan Pact Talk, the MUFPP Secretariat gathered insights from four cites strongly affected by the pandemic, through the voices of:
Aline Cardoso from Sao Paulo
Andrea Magarini from Milan
Alvaro Porro from Barcelona
Ona Balkus from Washington DC

If you wish to know more about these practices, please contact the MUFPP Secretariat at

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