MUFPP & IURC Asia Pacific Food Policy Training: Food Supply & Distribution

On Friday, 18th  November 2022, the fifth of six webinars on each of the categories of Milan Urban Food Policy Pact under the umbrella Asia Pacific Food Policy Training was held, with the cooperation between the MUFPP Secretariat and the International Urban and Regional Cooperation (IURC) programme.

The webinar focused on Food Supply & Distribution. Gathering over 40 participants, the webinar was structured as follows: a brief introduction to the topic, a presentation showcasing some of the best practices in Europe, an overview of Milan’s food infrastructures, ending on Asia Pacific’s best practices.

The MUFPP Secretariat introduced the topic, giving an overview of the 7 recommended actions falling under the Food Supply & Distribution category and the respective 7 indicators in order to provide a better understanding of what can be done to address the concern. Then, a short while was taken to present some of the best practices from Europe, Barcelona and Lyon.

Soon after, the city of Milan gave a quick run-through of its infrastructures, namely the city’s agricultural districts, wholesale market, school canteen system, Food Aid and food waste hubs.

The city of Milan has 5 agricultural districts, as in associations of producers within the metropolitan area, that aim to better food production and its connection with the consumers.

The wholesale market is considered the “biggest supermarket” within the city allowing fresh food to be accessible to families in need along with Milan’s Food Aid system. Milan’s school canteen system is also a key factor with 24 kitchen centres providing more than 600 canteens with healthy food.

Next, Sukabumi shared its One Roof, as in “One Region, One Offtaker”, practice.

Merging the fourth and fifth category of the Milan Pact, Sukabumi’s One Roof intends to maintain food supply through improving welfare, as the city is only able to meet 32% of its food’s needs          

Lastly, South Korea’s Yeosu, winning city of this year’s edition of the Milan Pact Awards, introduced its Strategy for Securing Talents and Small Farms practice.

As a response to the issues brought upon by the Covid-19 crisis, starting March 2020, the city of Yeosu provided students with food packages.

To better secure the future of small farmers and increase their visibility the government also helped launch their shops online.

If you missed the session, you can watch the recording at the link below:

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