MUFFP Monitoring Framework Indicators to be presented in Tel Aviv

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFFP) is building a monitoring framework to help cities to assess their progress in achieving more sustainable food systems, and therefore in the implementation of the Pact. The MUFPP monitoring framework and the guidelines will be presented and discussed during the 4th MUFPP Annual Gathering and Mayors Summit Annual Gathering in Tel Aviv.
The MUFPP Secretariat and FAO collaborated since early 2016 to identify measurable indicators and targets to assess progress on urban food systems as requested by many cities since the launch of the Pact in 2015, with the technical support of the RUAF Foundation.
MUFPP monitoring framework is composed of 44 quantitative and qualitative indicators, subdivided into the six categories of the Milan Pact Framework of Action: Food Governance, Sustainable Diet and Nutrition, Social and Economic Equity, Food Production, Food Supply and Distribution, and Food Waste.
For each indicator the guidelines contain information such as a glossary, explanation on types of data required, level of data aggregation, definition of samples and examples of how some cities have already collected and analyzed data. Each guideline also highlights the connections with the Sustainable development goals and targets (SDGs) and the MUFFP Framework of Action. FAO Advisory Board has reviewed the indicators’ methodological guidelines.
Signatory cities contributed to developing the monitoring framework. During 2016, two surveys were sent to signatory cities of the Pact to assess cities’ priorities and data availability, and the results were discussed during the 2nd MUFFP Annual Gathering. A first set of indicators was presented in 2017 at the 3rd MUFPP Annual Gathering in Valencia and further discussed with signatory cities and global networks of cities. Since then a group of 14 signatory cities of the Milan Pact (Antananarivo, Austin, Copenhagen, Ede, Funchal, Ghent, Milan, Quito, Sao Paulo, Tirana, Toronto, Washington DC, West Sacramento, Windhoek) actively contributed to finalizing the indicators and the Monitoring Framework.
MUFPP Secretariat, FAO and RUAF Foundation are pleased to share these guidelines with all the cities and their representatives participating in the Tel Aviv Annual Gathering.
Here you can find all the 44 indicators and their guidelines.
On 5 September, during the session dedicated to the collaboration between FAO and the  MUFPP, the Monitoring Framework and its indicators will be presented and discussed by several cities that have already started implementing this framework or are planning to do so.

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