A collection of best practices in urban and peri-urban agriculture

Consumer cooperatives, organic dining rooms, producers’ associations, agricultural parks. Many cities across the world are experimenting innovative ways to reconcile urban growth with the conservation of agricultural land and the promotion of sustainable food production. Barcelona; Bologna; Marseille; Montpellier; Thessaloniki; Tirana, all MUFPP signatory cities, are working together to improve knowledge and reinforce cooperation on urban agriculture within the EU Interreg-Med project MADRE.
One of the core outputs of the project is the Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Best Practice Catalogue, developed by ANIMA investment network. It is a collection of urban and peri-urban projects and activities put into place in the six MADRE cities highlighting innovative practices in farming and consuming. Moreover, the catalogue explores how academia and research are supporting the integration of food production into urban landscapes and how territorial projects and transnational networks are promoting new and more sustainable ways to rebuild urban-rural linkages. The publication identifies some key practices facilitating their replication and adaptation in other territories, maps key stakeholders and evaluate economic, social and environmental performance of urban and peri-urban agriculture.
The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is featured in the catalogue as an example of transnational innovation because it is encouraging cities to adopt an integrated approach on urban food issues and it is fostering  knowledge -sharing among MUFPP members.
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