A collection of best practices in urban and peri-urban agriculture

Consumer cooperatives, organic dining rooms, producers’ associations, agricultural parks. Many cities across the world are experimenting innovative ways to reconcile urban growth with the conservation of agricultural land and the promotion of sustainable food production. Barcelona; Bologna; Marseille; Montpellier; Thessaloniki; Tirana, all MUFPP signatory cities, are working together to improve knowledge and reinforce cooperation on […]

The MUFPP at World Urban Forum: working for sustainable urban food systems

A delegation of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) is participating in the WUF 9 from 7-13 February 2018 in Kuala Lumpur to highlight the importance of local governments in making food systems more sustainable and resilient. The fast pace of urbanization is putting under strain the ability of cities to provide appropriate housing, jobs, […]

MUFPP Open Consultation and report on Annual Gathering in Valencia

During the Third MUFPP Annual Gathering held in Valencia from 19-21 October 2017  the mayor of Milan, chair of the MUFPP Steering committee announced the launch of an open consultation to collect ideas and suggestions on the future of the Pact.  The questionnaire is now online and it is possible to share thoughts and reflections within […]