Milan Pact Awards: the evaluation committee has been formed

We are happy to announce that the evaluation committee of the Milan Pact Awards have been formed. It comprises representatives from scientific, research, donor, international, civil society, private sector and media organizations:

Miguel Altieri, University of California, Berkeley
Roberto Barbieri, OXFAM Italy, Rome
Ashley  Baxstrom, Food & Nutrition Representative to United Nations Secretary General, New York
Mi Sook Cho, EWHA Womens University, Seoul
Healthy Cities programme, WHO (tbd)
Danielle Nierenberg, FoodTank, USA
Silvia Pigozzi, Fondazione Cariplo, Milan
Remy Sietchiping, UN Habitat, Nairobi
Roberta Sonnino, Cardiff University, Cardiff
Gunhild Stordalen, EAT Forum, Stockholm
Marcela Villarreal, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome
Ann Tutwiler, Bioversity International, Rome
Nicholas You, Citiscope, Nairobi

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