2020 MUFPP Regional Webinars

In light of the absence of MUFPP Regional Fora this year, and following the discussion during the SC online meeting held on 14 May 2020

1 year after the MUFPP Latin-American forum

One year ago, Mayor Marcelo Crivella inaugurated the First Regional Forum of Latin-American Signatory Cities of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. Held at the Museum of Art of Rio (MAR), from May 29 to 31, 2019, Mayor Crivella presented the main projects that the City Hall has been working to offer safe, diversified, affordable, […]

Milan Pact Talks on food aid

The COVID-19 emergency has shown that once again cities are at the front line to ensure assistance to their citizens in many fields. In particular, cities had to face not only a public health crisis but also a food security crisis as urban food systems have been severely hit by this external shock.  The situation created by […]

2020 MUFPP Global Forum cancellation

Merida city

MAYORS MEMBERS OF THE MILAN PACT PRESENT On October 2019, the city of Mérida in Yucatan, México, has been voted by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Steering Committee to become the first city in Latin America to host the 2020 MUFPP Global Forum, which brings together more than 200 cities around the world seeking […]