An international pact signed by 163 cities from all over the world with more than 450 million inhabitants 

current food systems are being challenged to provide permanent and reliable access to adequate, safe, local, diversified, fair, healthy and nutrient rich food for all ...cities which host over half the world population have a strategic role to play in developing sustainable food systems and promoting healthy diets...
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MUFPP 3rd Annual Gathering Report

The report of the 2017 MUFPP Annual Gathering and Mayors’ summit is online

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2017 MUFPP Annual Gathering and Mayors’ Summit

Check out the pictures of the 2017 MUFPP Annual Gathering in Valencia on MUFPP Flickr Page

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Ede (Ntetherlands) won a MPA special mention in the category governance for its food policy. Since 2015 Ede has an integrated food strategy to addressing food issues in a systemic and coherent way. The City has also adopted a food programme to operationalize this strategy, allocated a budget to implement the strategy, created a dedicated municipal team of 5 people and appointed the first municipal food councilor in the Netherlands
Toronto won 2017 Milan Pact Awards with the highest score for the good practice Community Food Works for Newcomers: Using food as tool for settlement and integration. The programme provides training at no cost to obtain a Food Handler Training and Certification and supports refugees and low-income residents to access employment in the food sector while improving basic food and nutrition skills.
Antanarivo won the 2017 Milan Pact Awards with the Urban Agriculture programme that aims at tackling food insecurity through the creation micro gardens in low income neighbourhoods. So far, the programme has spread to 24 districts within the city  and reached 15,000 beneficiaries.

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