Leading experts on food policy explain the significance of the MUFPP

What is the meaning of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact signed in on 15th October 2015? Here are the answers by two leading experts on food policies.
“The Pact’s objective is broadly simple: better collaboration to shape resilient, sustainable local food supply chains and good food cultures, living within environmental limits. Across political divides, around the world, mayors and councils know big change is needed” writes Tim Lang, professor of Food Policy at City University London in the article The significance of World Cities leaders signing a new Urban Food Policy Pact  in which he explains the role of the cities in shaping the food systems, adding“Cities are now the frontline over what to do about consumption. Consumers are the elephant in the food room”.
Marion Nestle, professore of Nutrition, Food Studies e Public Health alla New York University in her blog adds “Even though everything about this pact and framework is voluntary, these findings and recommendations ought to be enough to give any city mayor a mandate to start working on sustainability issues. I am looking forward to seeing how New York City uses the report and framework.

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