MUFPP Regionalisation Process Action Plan 2023-25

The Milan Pact counts today over 280 signatory cities, representing a total of 490 million inhabitants distributed over the 6 MUFPP regions. Based on the assumption that cities face similar challenges and seek appropriate solutions for their specific geographical and socio-economic contexts, the Milan Pact has created dedicated spaces to promote regionalisation process.The first task […]

Cities Feeding the Future

The Cities Feeding the Future initiative was launched in October 2023 on the occasion of the School Meals Coalition First Global Summit in Paris. Led by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat (MUFPP), the initiative seeks to support municipalities in their responsibility of implementing school meals programmes, while fostering links between local and national […]

School Meals: the transformative potential of urban food policies

School meals hold significant potential for urban food policies. They offer a promising arena for pursuing several objectives by addressing a particular aspect of the food system: fostering sustainable dietary practices among children and promoting the transition to a healthy and sustainable diet. Additionally, they can contribute to combating food poverty, advancing preventive healthcare measures, […]

MUFPP Policy Brief 2024

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is the main legacy of the Universal Exhibition “Expo Milan 2015” Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The Milan Pact is a global commitment of mayors from around the world that considers food as an entry point for the sustainable development of growing cities. It represents the main framework […]

Milan Pact Awards 2022 Report

The report gives an overview of the main trends and themes of this edition of the Milan Pact Awards. It is an opportunity to showcase the most innovative practices of MUFPP signatory cities, understanding their key strengths and challenges.

MUFPP 8th Global Forum Rio de Janeiro 2022

The city of Rio de Janeiro hosted the 8th MUFPP Global Forum on 17-19 October 2022 with the theme “Food to Feed the Climate Justice: urban food solutions for a fairer world”. The event, for the first time held in South America, was a unique opportunity for cities, political representatives, international organizations, actors and stakeholders […]

MUFPP & IURC Asia Pacific Food Policy Training – REPORT

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat and the IURC programme jointly developed a series of webinars aimed at cities in the region willing to enrich their knowledge on food policy development. The online training featured a total of 6 webinars directly linked to the categories of the Milan Pact. The aim is to boost the development of urban food policy in Asia Pacific as innovative actions to promote urban development. 

Barcelona Challenge – One year after report

Food systems – entailing activities that allow for the production, transformation, distribution and consumption of food- are responsible for over a third of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions1. Due to all that, food and agriculture are key triggers to cool down the planet. Although cities are not where food is produced, they consume over 70% […]

Report on the 1st MUFPP Asia Pacific Regional Forum

With support from the European Union, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) Secretariat and the City of Bandung co-organised the 1st MUFPP Asia Pacific Regional Forum on 3-4 August 2022 in support of Indonesia’s U20 Mayors Summit and G20 Summit, to be held at the end of August and in mid-November this year respectively. Titled […]