Recommendation Urban 20 & MUFPP 1st Asia Pacific Regional Forum

The first MUFPP Asia Pacific Regional Forum, developed within the framework of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, represented a key moment for the MUFPP community to bring to the attention of the international audience critical issues as the challenge of overcoming existing inequalities in accessing food and obtaining greater food security through urban agriculture. The main priorities […]

The Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration at COP26

A commitment by subnational governments to tackle the climate emergency through integrated food policies and a call on national governments to act. The official presentation of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration will take place at the Glasgow City Chambers on the COP26 Nature Day. The high-level event will celebrate subnationalleadership on food systems sustainability with […]

C40 Good Food Cities Declaration

Our diets are not just hurting our health but also the ecosystem that supports human life. Food is among the largest drivers of global environmental change contributing to climate change, biodiversity loss, freshwater use, interference with the global nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, and land-system change. Research shows that, without substantial changes, greenhouse gas emissions from […]

The Global Cities Pledge on Food Justice

Launched by Birmingham City Council at the 7th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Global Forum during our plenary session titled: The Cities Pledge on Food Justice – A response to the lessons of food insecurity during the pandemic. The aim of the pledge is to put political weight into the voices of cities emphasising the […]

Urban20 calls on G20 to empower cities

In the Urban20 statement this point is referred to urban food policies: Transforming food systems – Calling on the G20 to support and empower cities as key actors of sustainable food systems capable of spearheading change in consumption and production through urban food policies that promote the fight against hunger, healthy eating habits, conscious consumption, […]