Urban20 calls on G20 to empower cities

In the Urban20 statement this point is referred to urban food policies:

Transforming food systems – Calling on the G20 to support and empower cities as key actors of sustainable food systems capable of spearheading change in consumption and production through urban food policies that promote the fight against hunger, healthy eating habits, conscious consumption, and the preservation of agricultural land and water resources. Facilitate cities’ access to funding and innovative solutions for the development of sustainable, biodiverse food environments, supply chains and urban food production, and circular economy models that will ensure food security for all and minimize carbon footprint. Promote olicies aimed at the interaction between scientific research and food culture. Support local and organic producers and consider urban-rural linkages, territorial and cultural differences to develop resilient and inclusive food systems that provide nutritious and sustainable options for all.

Joint statement of the U20 mayors 17th july 2021