Mexico City and Tegucigalpa work together on children's food security

Mexico city winner of the Milan Pact Awards 2016 decided to invest the monetary prize to work with Tegucigalpa. The technical assistance project between Mexico City and Tegucigalpa aims to providing guidelines for the design of a Comprehensive Nutrition and Food Education Model for child care centres and schools in the capital of Honduras. The project is based on the experience of the Community Dining Rooms Program of Mexico City. The long term goal of this collaboration is to improve food safety of children within Tegucigalpa.
Specific Goals of the project:

  1. To implement a comprehensive food and nutritional training plan to monitor and evaluate the delivery of healthy, safe and sufficient food to students of Educational Centres.
  2. To develop teaching materials that support food and nutritional education of three target groups: school population (principals, teachers, parents and students), Educational Centers staff and the Mayor’s Office technical staff.

As part of the project, from 30 August to 1st September 2017 an International seminar on Food, Nutrition and Food Safety was held in Tegucigalpa. The seminar saw the participation of specialists on Food Security from Mexican and Honduran governmental entities  and universities, who trained the staff involved in the operation of the child care centres and schools.

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