ICP - Singapore delegation

Within the framework of the International City Partnerships (ICP) Programme, we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Singapore at the beginning of June. The programme started back in February and has the aim of contributing to the improvement of quality of life in participating cities, by promoting sustainable and integrated urban development, through the identification of innovative policies and programmes. Milan and Singapore have been paired up to work on circular economy and waste management solutions. As part of the programme, a study visit to the respectives cities is foreseen.

The week kicked off with a meeting among the representatives of the two cities, an occasion to present the programme of the study visit, to explore the initiatives and action of the Milan Food Policy and to continue the exchange among counterparts. The day continued with the visit to one of the Food Waste Hubs of the city, spaces dedicated to food waste recovery and redistribution from retails and company canteens managed by the third sector.

The second day was dedicated to the visit of the wholesale market of the city. Born in 1965, the fruit & vegetables market today houses 118 wholesale sellers. A hub shared among 5 NGOs is dealing with the recovery and redistribution of fruit and vegetables losses before they become waste.

The week-long study tour has also included many moments of exchange between the two delegations. Singapore and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Secretariat had the occasion to discuss all the benefits of being a signatory city and possible events and initiatives to be developed together.

The study visit continued with an in-dept meeting with AMSA, the waste collection company in Milan. The delegates had the possibility to learn how the waste collection is managed in Milan and to experience it first-hand.

Last but not least, the delegation had the possibility to visit and experience the amazing work carried out by Milano Ristorazione, the municipal company in charge of serving 85,000 meals a day to the schoolchildren in Milan.

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