Food Wave - Call for proposals on food-climate nexus

On 24th February 2022, the Food Wave project – aiming at raising awareness and activate young people on the sustainable ways to consume and produce food for climate change mitigation – launched a call for proposals open to local authorities.

Applicants should be cities and local authorities, member of the 15 EU Member States involved in the Food Wave Project, non-beneficiaries of any other ongoing project with the involvement of the DEAR programme, non-partners of the consortium of Food Wave nor their members.

The aim of the call is to promote cities’ actions addressing the nexus between food and climate change. Different types of activities – with a mandatory focus on young people aged 15-35 – are eligible for sub-grants.

Sub-granted activities must be in line with the objectives and the priorities of the Food Wave Project, the DEAR Programme and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.

Interested to learn more and apply?

Here you find the call, the deadline is 24th March:

Good luck!

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