2021 Diálogos por Mérida

On March 24 and 25, 2021 the City of Mérida and the Anáhuac Mayab University convened the Diálogos por Mérida, a virtual event that brought together a broad and diverse group of actors who are part of Mérida food system to exchange experiences, visions and proposals.

The aim was to promote a positive transformation of the food system in the city and contribute to the UN Food System Summit 2021. This event made it clear that in Mérida there are many people and organisations that are already contributing to this transformation and that are interested in joining efforts and generating synergies to have a greater impact. The findings of the event represent a starting point to stimulate further dialogue, exchanges and collaborations to continue to develop transformative initiatives.

For the organisers the main challenge is to foster citizen interest and involvement in the process of transforming the local food system. Also, to build the necessary trust and strengthen the relationships between government, academia, private sector, social sector and civil society for the joint implementation of solutions. A true transformation will only be possible if all sectors of society become aware of the challenge and combine their knowledge, skills and resources to realise a shared vision of the future.