#MUFPP_TLV2018: 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors Summit

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors’ Summit will be held on 4-5 September 2018 in Tel Aviv.  City officials, public administrators, policymakers, professionals and scholars from 172 cities worldwide will meet to enhance and develop collaborations in the spirit of the Milan Pact. #MUFPP_TLV2018 will be hosted by the Tel Aviv Museum […]

Feasibility study on school nutrition service

Implementation and management of the School Nutrition Service in the Municipalities of Maputo and Pemba in Mozambique The Feasibility study for the introduction of the school nutrition system is integrated within the broader “Particidade” project financed by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and development AICS, involving the Municipalities of Milan, of Maputo, Pemba and Reggio […]

Sao Paulo special mention 2019 on Food Waste

Title: Municipal Programme on Food Waste and Loss CombatCampaign on food waste combat in public supply equipment.City: Sao PauloCountry: Brazil Population: 12 millionDate of start: 10/2017SDGs: 2,8,12 Description São Paulo, is a city with 12 million people, where food waste prevails and the number of people in food insecurity, according to a survey carried out […]

Montpellier special mention 2019 on Food Supply & Distribution

Title: Structuring the territorial supply chains for sustainable nutritionCity: MontpellierCountry: France Population: 285,000Date of start: 06/2014SDGs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 Description Structuring the food supply chains initiated and managed by a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary working group, bringing together institutional partners, local authorities, the Metropolitan Area and […]

Rio de Janeiro special mention 2019 on Food Production

Title: Hortas Cariocas ProgramCity: Rio de JaneiroCountry: Brazil Population: 6,700,000Date of start: 09/2006SDGs: 3, 8, 9, 11  Description Created in 2006, Hortas Cariocas seeks to bring the population closer to urban and organic agriculture, as well as to encourage jobs for the local population and to serve as a laboratory for environmental education. The […]

Nairobi special mention 2019 on Social & Economic Equity

Title: Urban Early Warning and Early Action Initiative (UEWEA)Country: KenyaPopulation: 3,100,000Date of start: 02/2017SDGs: 1,2,11 Description A civil unrest took place in late 2007 and early 2008 in which supply routes of food to the city were cut-off. There was an acute food insecurity in the city but existing tools could not detect it. This […]

Kazan special mention 2019 on Sustainable Diet & Nutrition

Title: The preschool & school meal delivery system reformCountry: Russian FederationPopulation: 1,252,000Date of start: 08/2006SDGs: 2,3,4,12 Description Due to the increasing sightings of children obesity and diseases of digestive system in 2006, was approved the municipal program “Healthy nutrition for children”. To implement the program, a dedicated “Department of Food and Social Nutrition” was created […]

Tel Aviv special mention 2019 on Governance

Title: Green EurovisionPilot for sustainable large-scale events through reducing environmental impactCountry: IsraelPopulation: 438,820Date of start: 05/2019SDGs: 11, 12 ABSTRACT The Green Eurovision (GE) initiative worked to find solutions to the environmental impacts of food festivals and aimed to create a guideline for running sustainable large-scale city events in the future. Using the Eurovillage as the […]

Mezitli won the 2019 Award

Title: Mezitli Female Producers’ MarketMezitli Female Producers’ Market as a social innovation method fo social inclusion.Country: TurkeyPopulation: 194,014Date of start: 08/2014SDGs: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 ABSTRACT Produce Plus offers residenMezitli was founded as a municipality in 1968, but it was just in 2008 that Mezitli’s boundary enlarged to 40 neighbourhoods. The big […]

Washington DC won the 2019 Award

Title: Food as Medicine in Washington DCExpanding access to healthy, affordable food for low-income residents who suffer from high rates of diet-related chronic diseasesCountry: United StatesPopulation: 702,000Date of start: 01/2013SDGs: 2, 3, 10.Twitter: @produceplusdc @DCFoodPolicy @_DCHealthInstagram: DC GreensWebsite: https://www.dcgreens.org/produce-rx  Website: https://dchealth.dc.gov/service/produce-plus-program ABSTRACT Since 2013 Washington DC has invested in several innovative programmes recognizing the crucial […]