2017 Report MUFPP 3rd Global Forum Valencia

85 city delegations and more than 300 people met in Valencia on the 3rd Annual Gathering of the Milan Pact. Anticipation was high and results exceeded expectations. Milan Pact cities actively shared many experiences and common actions.

In addition to the knowledge exchange between cities, participants in Valencia witnessed how the role of cities in relation to food systems and nutrition policies has grown and is being more and more acknowledged at national and international level. Governments and international organizations (FAO, WHO, UN-Habitat, G7, European Union) are now engaging with cities and city networks in the implementation of guidelines and strategies in fields of actions related to food policies.

Cities heard the motivating voices of other stakeholders from city food networks, civil society, the private sector and the research community around the world. Their energy and support is animating our Pact from the roots. We will continue to move forward with new actions, taking advantage of new opportunities, projects and initiatives.