2018 Sustainable food system for European Cities

The Side Event “Sustainable Food System for European Cities” was
organized by the City of Milan, chair of the Milan Urban Food Policy
Pact, and the consortium of the European project FIT4FOOD2030. The
event was designed to be a workshop about cities experiences in the
field of food system transformation.
The European Commision invited the FIT4FOOD2030 project and the
Milan Pact to organize the Side Event in order to further explore the
potential role of cities inside FOOD2030 priorities, this policy framework
is addressing food system issues and must reinforce the action at the
different institutional scales.
The aim of this report is to present an overview of place based solutions
implemented by cities under the framework of the Milan Urban Food
Policy Pact and the fruitful debate developed among the Side Event
participants: European Commission officers, researchers and city
During the discussion participants were invited to work with the main
tools useful to define the elements of success of food policy actions
and to assess the content of these actions. The tools were defined by
FIT4FOOD2030 consortium as a set of criteria with which assess cities
cases and they were linked to the 37 recommended actions of the
The report is organized in four chapters. The first contains the debate
on the role of cities as creative hubs of innovation among EC, Milan
Pact, FIT4FOOD2030, Cariplo Foundation and Cardiff University. The
results of a breaking ice activity, called Human Food Bingo, follows.
The third chapter is the core of the report, that looks into eight best
cases from European cities, assessed by participant through criteria of
FIT4FOOD2030. The fourth conclusive chapter explains how the role of
cities was inserted in the declaration, in the expert report and in the
call for action as a bridge theme with the High Level Event.