2020 MUFPP Regional Webinars

25 Sep 2020 MUFPP Regional Webinars

In light of the absence of MUFPP Regional Fora this year, and following the discussion during the SC online meeting held on 14 May 2020, the MUFPP Secretariat promotes the organisation of webinars on a regional basis on cities’ food response to COVID-19 pandemic.   

The idea is to have a platform for internal dialogue within each region.

All regional webinars will have a similar format and will provide technical and practical examples of cities for responses to Covid-19 emergency. As more information will be available, we will publish here the details of the next Regional Webinars.

Please find below the programme of MUFPP Regional Webinar for the coming weeks:
– European Area – Wednesday 14, October 2020. 16:30 – 18:00 CET
– Asia Pacific Area – Monday 26, November 2020. 13.30 KST
– Latin America Area – Tuesday 27, October 2020. 15.30 BRT
Mediterranean Area – Wednesday 4, November 2020. 14:30 – 16:00 CET

Please find below more detailed information regarding the European Area MUFPP Regional Webinar:


The cities of Milan, Barcelona and Warsaw in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities organized the first MUFPP Regional Webinar entitled “Covid-19: Milan and Barcelona food responses – Webinar”

Milan and Barcelona have been partners in finding innovative paths to food security for many years and when COVID-19 struck, forcing people to isolate, they found ways to meet needs during the epidemic. During an emergency, a municipality must take care of its most vulnerable citizens. Regarding food security, two categories were particularly affected: the elderly and sick who could not leave their homes, and people who lost their jobs and were struggling to meet their own and their family’s needs. Both categories were fighting for survival. Milan set up a food crisis team with 150 volunteers and municipality employees, gathering food from companies and retailers, and safely delivering it to 150K people. Barcelona expanded preexisting social services targeting new vulnerable people and groups at risk of contracting COVID-19 and providing information about the operation of home delivery services and coordinating a programme providing basic foods from brands at no cost to the town council.
Program and registration https://europa.eu/regions-and-cities/programme/sessions/1526_en

Language: English

Natalia Boitot, International Cooperation Officer, City of Warsaw, Poland.
Andrea Magarini Pellini, Food Policy Coordinator, City of Milan, Italy
Alvaro Porro, Commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Food Policies, City of Barcelona, Spain.

Virtual platform: ZOOM. Code: 14WS1526V.
Registration required before 27th September https://europa.eu/regions-and-cities/register


The cities of Belo Horizonte and Rio De Janeiro organized the third MUFPP Regional Webinar: “Políticas urbanas alimentarias en América Latina en tiempos del COVID-19″

Language: Spanish

Registration required at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJiY3xVWYhURJ7VBU0fh8lmQc6C0am36cmLpKn_wXTqJFSfg/viewform

Moderador: Victor Ferraz, Asesor de Biodiversidad y Resiliencia de ICLEI

Filippo Gavazzeni – Panayota Nicolarea, MUFPP Secretariat, Los Milan Pact Talks y Marco de Monitoreo del Pacto de Milán 
Embajador Antonio Mello y Aline Abreu, Alcaldía de Rio de Janeiro – Adaptación de los Restaurantes Populares: garantía de la seguridad alimentaria a los más vulnerables
Darklane Rodrigues Dias, Subsecretaria de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional de la Alcaldía de Belo Horizonte – Asistencia alimentaria de emergencia mediante el suministro de canastas básicas de alimentos
Jazmín Lerner, Subsecretaria de Fortalecimiento Personal, Familiar y Comunitario del Gobierno de Buenos Aires
Patricia Talavera y Katya Bullón, Desarrollo Económico y Productivo de la Municipalidad de Lima
Mónica Alejandra Gómez Laverde, Secretaria de Inclusión Social, Familia y Derechos Humanos de la Alcaldía de Medellín


The cities of Tel Aviv-Yafo and Valencia organized the fourth MUFPP Regional Webinar: “Mediterranean cities: What have we learned from COVID-19?”

Language: English (no translation available)

Registration (required): https://forms.gle/qZEv4cLepN66TX1L9

COVID-19 has struck cities first and disseminated from there. Municipalities have been and are still in the frontline to deal with the health and socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic and prevent to the extent possible further spread of the virus. At a time when the second wave is hitting us again, where are we at? what has been the impact on our food systems? how have we coped with the emergency and where do we go from there? 


The city of Seoul in the framework of the Seoul Urban Food Policy Conference organized the second MUFPP Regional Webinar entitled “Sustainable Food in the era of COVID-19 pandemic – Webinar”

Language: English

The webinar will be broadcast via Youtube at this link

il Cheong Soon, Seoul City, Chief Commissioner
Kiah Smith, University of Queensland, Australia
Jang ho Kim, University of Idaho, USA
Motoki Akitsu, Kyoto University, Japan
Dukill, Kim, Gyeonggi-do, Chief Commissioner
Filippo Gavazzeni, MUFPP Secretariat
Gingin Ginanja, Bandung City, Indonesia


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