Activities in Marseille

29 Aug Activities in Marseille

Here are the main activities the city of Marseille is carrying out on food issues:

1. Food Workshop
A local assessment has been started at the beginning of 2016 within the municipality in order to appraise achievements, assets, weaknesses and issues of the food system. That work was undertaken by the Workshop which gathers all city departments involved in food issues. The assessment will continue until the end of 2016 and one of the expected outcomes will be recommendations on how to create a Food Policy Board.

The Workshop will remain active throughout 2017, to foster links with all public an private stakeholders in the greater urban area (French State, local authorities, firms, farmers, NGO, citizens).

2. Food guidelines
Marseille’s contribution to the Food guidelines for sustainable food sytem has focused on water:  too often and wrongly, the importance of water in relation to sustainable food in urban areas is underestimated .
3. Food Smart Application
Beside increasing the visibility of food issues on Marseille’s offcial website and social networks,  the city is working  integrate a tomap of all urban food inititiaves in the app “MARSEILLE” which is due to be launched in 2017.

4. Food Event 2016
The City of Marseilles is now preparing for the fall 2016 an event in order to raise public awareness to the challenges of sustainable food. Several actions will be undertaken on that occasion:

– Conferences on the work of the Food Workshop and presentation of the perspectives for a food local policy strategy implementation togheter with exhibition will also take place.

-Screening of “DEMAIN” (, a documentary film by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent,

– Big public meal (or breakfast) prepared with foodstuffs spared from waste.