25 Jul Activities in Bilbao

Bilbao promotes a participatory process of discussion and development of guidelines for local food governance involving civil society, citizenship and economic and social sectors that have something to do in the food system of the city. The objective of this strategy is to involve associations and consumer groups, small businesses, organizations of social action, health or education sector, distribution chains, the catering sector or the public sector itself.


Some of the activities done so far are:


  • An awareness-raising event with consumer associations and consumer groups of organic and local products. This event took place on March 19 2016.
  • An awareness-raising event with associations and representatives of small businesses and grocery stores. This event took place on April 14 2016
  • A diagnosis of the activities of the City of Bilbao itself, made by the different departments of the City Council, involved in issues related to the MUFPP.
  • Installation of 24 large panels on the Pact of Milan in 24 strategic locations in the city, so that the public is aware of the MUFPP and know that their own city council is committed to it.