Activities in Turin

28 Jun Activities in Turin


Turin was proud to host the 3rd edition of the LED Forum in October 2015. The World Forum on Local Economic Development is launched by UNDP and is held every two years. It aims to gather experts, politicians, administrators, researchers, citizens, students around the issue of Local Development and trigger debates, reach common views, define working agendas.

For the project FSCFD it was a great opportunity to involve actors interested in adjusting the spatial development to the issues of the urban food policy. Three days of coordination meetings, panels and public conferences where FSC4D could present its activities and describe the potential of a concerted urban food policy agenda.

Two Specific sessions were organized by the project:

Food Smart Cities for Development: how can the right to food influence the local urban food policies? (Watch here the video)

From food as a good to food as a right: the role of cities, metropolis and local authorities for a new ethic of local development.

Other sessions selected covered topics related to FSC4D project such as creativity, innovation and sustainability: understanding and enhancing urban-rural linkages through a territorial development with cultural identity

Urban metabolism and local economic development

Local Economic Development: an effective approach to reduce inequality? Development challenges for African cities: populations, economies, cultures; Institutions, markets, regulation and local development; South-South and triangular cooperation, including  City-to-City and other territorial approaches to reinforce local governments´ capacities to localize decent work; Covenant of Bio Cities Mayors: Towards achieving cities sustainable goals; The role of international cooperation within the new models of local development; The challenges of the territories; Creating and Mobilizing Wealth, Producing Sense, Building Future: Re-localizing economy and finance for local sustainable development; Decentralized Cooperation and Local Governance of Water; Sustainable development strategies for promoting urban-rural linkages in agro-food systems; Territorial partnerships: promoting innovation within the new universal agenda;  Enabling employment mobility between local labor markets: networking capacities and enhancing opportunities.


Participation of the project to the “International Food Journalism Festival” (23 – 25 February 2016)

The festival gathers journalists, writers, communication specialists, researchers, experts in order to create an arena for debate, exchange and confrontation on “food awareness”. A fundamental element of the national and European identity, of the cultural heritage of each of us.

Local governance involve food issues as well: a panel comprised the presence of the project FSCFD and investigated the experience of the city of Turin. Giving birth to specific “Food Metropolitan Agendas” – a sort of Master Plan having the purpose to guarantee to the citizens the right to quality food. The event featured the experience of Turin and opened up the way to the confrontation with other experiences.

The food smart event “Friday solidarity meal” was organized by the project in the framework of this event.


Presentation of the book “Towards the Turin Food Policy” at the International Book Fair (May 2015)


Mapping local experiences and highlighting the vast network of food urban good practices is a necessary step in the Turin Metropolitan area. Food has become a governance element that shapes economic development, local master plans and promotes networking at global level. The FSCFD project and the City of Turin decided to exploit the opportunity offered by the launch of the MUFPP to map the work of volunteers, private and institutional stakeholders which play a role in the provision of food in the urban area, collecting  good practices related to kitchensoups, cantines, cooperatives for production and distribution of food. This complex and impressive work has been performed by a team of researchers under the supervision of the City of Turin. Results has been endorsed by international and national food experts and administrators.

The Book fair held in Turin every year  offered the best opportunity to present the book Toward Turin’s Food Policy (available for download)


Presentation of the project at the “Cinema ambiente – Environmental Cinema” – Turin, June 2016

Cinema Ambiente is a “small” but highly rewarded film festival, held in Turin every year, dealing with films, documentaries, short movies addressing environmental issues. The festival was launched in 1998 with the purpose to show a selection of  international movies  and to promote the respect for the environment.. A specific section was organized in the festival to host the project FSCFD, whose objectives deal with the mission of the festival itself. A prize was  introduced and named “Food Smart Cities Prize”, in order to bring to the attention of the public to the film which best addressed the issue of food as an engine for local development, of nutritin in urban areas and of sustainable environmental management.

The  film that best and most intelligently covered this issue was “Bugs”, by the Danish film maker Andreas Johnsen, for the creative and entertaining approach to what we could be eating in a possible tomorrow.


Work in progress:

FSCFD at the Venice Biennale of Architecture (October 2016)

FSCFD at the table of migrating Women (September 2016)

FSCFD will be present at the days of Terra Madre / Salone del Gusto (22-26 September 2016)