28 Jun Activities in Thessaloniki

A ‘World Meal’ : smart event, 17-18 December 2015

Fair Trade Hellas along with Kedith (Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki) planned a ‘World Meal’, as a smart experiential event.

It was the first effort to get the people of Thessaloniki together and inspire the set up of an urban Food Council. The main activity was an interactive food debate aimed at raising awareness on issues of global production and distribution of food, poverty & ethical consumption, as well as inspiring the participants, citizens and local authorities, to commit actively for a more responsible society in terms of sustainable food production & consumption.

It included different groups of people to show that everybody in welcomed in  the food council:  producers, members of cooperatives, teachers; students, NGOs, journalists, academics, business, members of local authorities. It was  interesting for everybody to raise his own voice regarding urban food issues.  Everyone seemed to really get a lot out of it and it was most inspiring hearing responses during the reflection. “Incredibly moving.” “Life-changing.” “A new perspective on what the statistics are really like.” ‘Food for thought’.

Video: World Meal


“Rebuilding the lost relationship with our food’ & ‘An apple per day… and with no waste” , workshops on food policies, 19 December 2015-11 February 2016

The series of the workshops was a process involving main urban food system stakeholders, to act as a permanent urban Food Council of Thessaloniki and specific topics/proposals were discussed in an interactive way.

The first workshop focused on Local Food Systems as a resilient response to the challenges that the agri food system is facing. Everybody agreed that people, especially in cities, do not really know where food comes from, as they are detached from the rural and the actual food production and this distance is not only  geographical or economical  but it is also a social one. People are disconnected from the political, environmental, economic and social impacts of their food choices. And there are some questions to ponder on future meetings: Who is going to form a city policy on food? What is or can be the role of active citizens?

The core topics of the second workshop, food waste and sustainable nutrition, were inspired by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. The participants were asked to define the issues around these topics and suggest solutions that could be put into practice by the Food Council. E.g promote the creation of urban gardens, boost food education in schools, define incentives to limit food waste, foster social supported agriculture, map the  situation in schools and hospitals, support social kitchens, use food as a way to connect people to the refugees’ crisis, ensure access to healthy and sufficient food for all.

Video: Workshop


Micro-actions contest

Fair Trade Hellas organises  a contest for local initiatives that fits into one of the following themes: urban farming, food waste and food social equity. The winning projects from Thessaloniki city will receive a financial prize for the execution of their project

Cluster event “Let’s sow the seed of the Food Council: Our tools? Fair Trade and food social equity”, 17 April 2016

It was held in the urban garden started by locals in an ex-military base with the goal of exchanging good practices on local food strategies. People from local food initiatives gave a lecture on farming and food social equity. The debate that followed was long and heated.  The participants were asked to set priorities  for the future Food Council. This approach gave the city of Thessaloniki the opportunity to clarify challenges ahead and the path towards a more sustainable food production and consumptio.


Food Council

 It is a knowledge and networking platform where producers, members of cooperatives, academics, civil society organizations, consumers and municipal departments with expertise in this field can exchange ideas,in ordere to take collective action. This participatory stakeholder approach is essential for the identification of a powerful and efficient strategy and can enhance current initiatives and efforts.

Fair Trade Expo

Fair Trade Hellas will organize a lot of parallel activities with schools and other under the Food festival of Thessaloniki city that need to be planned.

The European Food Smart Cities for Development project gave us the opportunity to realize a mobile, interactive and multilingual exhibition about fair trade, the Fair Trade Expo. This exhibition is realized in close cooperation with 5 partner cities:  Bruges who coordinates the effort, Ghent, Utrecht, Milan and Bilbao.

The goal is to provide visitors of events with information about Fair Trade in general and Fair Trade Towns in particular and to do so in an appealing way.

The objective is to increase awareness of the general public towards the issues and values of Fair Trade and to create international solidarity with producers in the developing countries by encouraging people to choose for fair trade products even in their own neighborhood shops.

Besides receiving information about fair trade and about fair trade selling points in the city, visitors will also be invited to register as ‘fans’ of fair trade.

Several elements are present in the Fair Trade exhibition.

  1. Information about Fair Trade: all elements of fair trade (economic, social and ecological), as well as the diversity of fair trade products (not just food but also textile, electronics, flowers…). Action perspectives are linked to this information.
  2. Information about Fair Trade Towns Bilbao, Bruges, Ghent, Thessaloniki, Utrecht: presenting practical examples of each of these cities and an overview of catering business and shops offering fairtradeproducts in each city.
  3. A photobooth where people can register as ‘Fans of Fair Trade’.
  4. Representation of the link between Fair Trade in the South and sustainable local agriculture in the North.

The Fair Trade Exhibition will make a European tour and will travel to several public events in Bruges and in the 5 partner cities.