23 Jun Activities in Ghent

“Local urban food policy in relation to the global food sovereignty debate” Was the seminar held  on  11-12 June 2015  that brought together more than 40 food experts from all over the world.  Those participants contributed to the larger debate on sustainable local food policies and the interrelation between cities’ choices globally. The aim of the project Smart event was to improve the knowledge on how local food systems can contribute to sustainable cities worldwide and to build usable concepts to understand how local food systems are globally linked.

Exposition and debate at national fair trade week –  Lecture and debate with Carolyn Steel, Ghent, 12th May 2016
With Ghent Fair trade and the Ghent food strategy Ghent en garde Ghent is looking for a better balance in the food chain, on the local and on the global level. On 12th May 2016 Ghent invited 2 interesting speakers on this topic: Carolyn Steel (UK) and Wouter Mensink (NL).
Carolyn Steel, known from the bestseller “The hungry city”, highlights the importance of food for cities and critizises the fact that our attention for the origins of our food is diminishing. Wouter Mensink investigates the principles of sustainable and ethical consumption in his book “Kun je een betere wereld kopen?” (Can You buy a better world?). The lectures of both authors were followed by an animated debate on food systems and new concepts for a more sustainable and fair urban food strategy.
The evening debate was preceded by a master class for a limited group, mainly youngsters who were asked to debate on what their role could be in the striving for a more sustainable food system.

Workshop on food policies -> Ghent guidance on food policy with stakeholder group/food council
The aim is to translate the outcomes of the seminar into concrete policy recommendations for Ghent.

Cluster event Fair Food Fest
The Fair Food Fest is a festival of international solidarity that took place in Ghent on 4th June. Fair trade and local sustainable food were at the core of this festival. The festival was a mixture of meeting, playing, eating and experiencing. Several activities were organized in an accessible and playful way in order to link local food systems an trade worldwide and justice here and in the global South. The focus was on “doing and sharing”. Every one could taste different dishes from all over the world, inspiring themselves and learning to know new people and initiatives. The aim was to raise awareness and improve people’s knowledge on Fair Trade and fair trade systems.
The Fair Food Fest was also the opening of the Fair trade Expo in Ghent.

The micro-actions contest will take place in autumn 2016. It will be embedded in the “Gentians without frontiers” contest. The best sustainable food ideas will be rewarded.