22 Jun Activities in Bruges

Food Lab

The Bruges Food Lab is a knowledge and networking platform that consists of civil society organizations and municipal departments with expertise in this field. This stakeholder participatory approach is essential for the identification of a powerful and efficient food strategy. The Food Lab allows  organizations to exchange ideas and points of view and to take action together. Among the activities connected to the creation of Food Lab:

  • An inventory of information concerning urban agriculture, short supply chain and food waste. This inventory will be put online. Everybody will be able to look up information about short chain points of sale,  vegetable gardens, organizations and companies active in fighting against food waste, etc.
  • SWOT analysis  based on numerous interviews and field research. This analysis give clearer insights on weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of sustainable food in Bruges.

Watch  the video on Food Lab

Food guidelines

A number of issues and  recommendations that will eventually lead to a comprehensive and sustainable city  food policy have been outlined:

  1. increasing visibility and sales of short food supply chain products
  2. setting up exemplary urban agriculture projects, encouraging city gardening and increasing the sustainability of agriculture
  3. realizing a structural redistribution of food waste and reducing food waste at events
  4. increasing visibility of Fair Trade
  5. stimulating education about these themes
  6. promoting vegetarian food consumption

Local Food contest

Bruges wants to raise awareness amongst its inhabitants and encourages them to contribute to a a Climate Neutral Bruges by 2050 .

The city of Bruges organises a competition for local initiatives who deliver projects that fit into one of the following themes: urban farming / gardening town , food waste , Fair Trade and meat consumption.

The winners will receive a financial prize to put their project in practice.

Watch here the video on cooking contest Kook battle

Food Festival 2016

On 28 May 2016 the city of Bruges organised a Food festival “(H)eerlijk Brugge”. Focus of the festival was on local, sustainable and healthy food. Also the “Feeding the 5000” event against food waste has been organised on the same day.

Fair Trade Exhibition

The European Food Smart Cities for Development project gave us the opportunity to realize a mobile, interactive and multilingual exhibition about fair trade, the Fair Trade Exhibition realized in close cooperation with 5 partner cities: Ghent, Utrecht, Milan, Bilbao and Thessaloniki.

 Cluster events

Bruges will be organizing a seminar on exchanging good practices on local food strategies and will use this event to promote the local food guidelines.